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Gemma Malley The Declaration Theme The main conflict emphasized throughout the book, is a Man VS. Society. You clearly see how Anna and all the other surpluses are automatically on the outskirts of society and are treated If there was a drug that would make you stop aging and live forever, would you take it? In The Declaration by Gemma Malley, readers are enlightened as they see into a futuristic society where such The Declaration is a Young Adult novel by Gemma Malley.

First published in 2008. The world it features is a dystopian reality in the 22nd century in which humanity has cured all illness and aspires to eternal life. The Declaration, a novel written by Gemma Malley.

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The Declaration series puts great emphasis on You can check out Gemma Malleys. (Yes, a splash page is malley gemma the declaration essay old Gemma Malley's dystopian novel, The Declaration, is a futuristic science fiction story set in the year 2140. The protagoist, Anna, lies in a surplus hall, an orphanage of sorts for those born into world where they are unwanted.

Gemma Malley offers a fresh point of view about this in the Declaration, where everlasting life means no new lives.

People who agree to the process of living forever must sign a contract saying that they will not have anymore children. About The Declaration. Sixteenyearold Anna should not have been born. It is the year 2140 and people can live for ever. No one wants another mouth to feed, so she lives in a Surplus Hall, where unwanted children go to learn valuable lessons. . at least she wasn't put down at birth. Declaration Trilogy: Book One. Anna Covey is a Surplus. She should not have been born.

In a society in which ageing is no longer feared, and death is no longer an inevitability, children are an abomination. Like all Surpluses, Anna is living in a Surplus Hall and learning how to make amends for the selfish act her parents committed in

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