Two factor theory of intelligence definition essay

Since Spearman first suggested a general factor of intelligence (g) in 1904, many theorists have developed their own ideas about the nature of intelligence. Some agree on the existence of general intelligence, albeit the nature of g is hotly debated, and some disagree completely with the notion of g. Essay on Intelligence: Meaning, Theories and Distribution! Essay on the Meaning of Intelligence: Intelligence is understood as the ability to acquire knowledge, to think and give reason effectively and to deal adaptively with the environment.

Spearman's twofactor theory of intelligence. In 1904, Charles Spearman had developed a statistical procedure called factor analysis. In factor analysis, related variables are tested for correlation to each other, then the correlation of the related items are evaluated to find clusters or groups of the variables. How can the answer be improved? Some of the theories advanced based on this include; Charles Spearman in 1904 came up with Twofactor Theory of intelligence as a way of measuring general intelligence using Tetrad Differences.

His basic inputs were common sense (native capacity) and sensory discriminations. Two Factor theory even though is widely accepted and implemented, it does have its limitations. Many said that Herzbergs theory, which assume the correlation between satisfaction and productivity lacks research support, and disregards human nature that tends to blame external factors when things go wrong. Nov 17, 2014 The English psychologist, Charles Spearman ( ), in 1904 proposed his theory of intelligence called twofactor theory.

According to him intellectual abilities are comprised of two factors, namely; the general ability known as Gfactor and specific Abilities known as Sfactors. 2. Thomdikes MultiFactor Theory. E. L. Thomdikes multi factor theory stands in sharp contradiction of Spearmans twofactor theory.

According to this, intelligence is a name conveniently given to infinite number of specific abilities combined together. Kogut and Zander's theory of evolutionary theory versus internationalization theory pplication of two motivation theoriesMaslows hierarchy of needs theory and McGregors theory X& Y to increase the productivity of staff Multiple Intelligence Theory Q. The twofactor theory of emotion was developed by Stanley Schachter and Jerome Singer in the 1960's; it is also referred to as the SchachterSinger Theory.

According to Schachter and Singer, our Controversy still surrounds the question of whether 'intelligence' is regarded as a single unit or as a manysided collection of abilities. Charles Spearman was the English Psychologist who was one of the first to develop theories on intelligence. He founded the twofactor theory of intelligence by focusing on relationships.

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