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William Hazlitt was one of the leading prose writers of the Romantic period. Influenced by the concise social commentary in Joseph Addison's eighteenthcentury magazine, the Spectator, and by the personal tone of the essays of Michel de Montaigne, Hazlitt was one of the most celebrated practitioners of the" familiar" essay. Unlock This Study Guide Now.

Start your 48hour free trial to unlock this 7page The Critical Essays of William Hazlitt study guide and get instant access to the following:. Critical Essays; You May 14, 2012 On Gusto by William Hazlitt I believe I have mentioned the great Romantic essayist, William Hazlitt, a man far ahead of his time in critiquing the arts.

His essays influenced Keats, who wrote about gusto in his letters. Here is his essay on gusto. 1 Hazlitt's" On Gusto" was first published in the The Examiner, May 26th, 1816 and can be found reproduced in The Round Table.

2 Raphael not only could not paint a landscape; he could not paint people in a landscape. William Hazlitt has a sharp, idiomatic, familiar style. His is the pure diction and aphorism. Consciousness and propriety of words and phrases is a great characteristic of him.

Its trues to say in the least possible space. William Hazlitt Homework Help Questions. Write Hazlitt's major interests as revealed in the essays" The Spirit of the Age. " The Spirit of the Age was a collection of short essays, or more Hazlitt Essay On Shakespeare& & Top Rated Essay Help. Along with Francis Bacon and Charles Lamb, William Hazlitt stands at the head of the. However, many of his essays are still in print todaya fact that attests to the.

Hazlitt spends much of the essay characterizing Coleridge's appearance and habits, and some of the circumstances surrounding his visit to Shropshire. To what extent does Hazlitt introduce notes of irony and criticism into his characterization?

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