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Law Day 2017 Commemorated Linda McGee, current chief judge of the N. C. Court of Appeals, accepts Liberty Bell Award from former Chief Judge Gerald Arnold.

Students from across the state gathered in Raleigh on Friday, May 5, as the North Carolina Bar Association observed Law Day 2017. The award, which was presented by Weipert, is given to outstanding citizens in the community who have demonstrated work that highlights the American system of freedom under law. Associate Justice Michael A.

Cherry received the Liberty Bell Award with Eighth Judicial District Court (EJDC) Discovery Commissioner Bonnie A. Bulla. Standing with the honorees, Chief Justice Michael L. Douglas and incoming EJDC Chief Judge Linda Bell.

The Liberty Bell Award honors a nonattorney volunteer in the York community who has encouraged others to respect the laws and legal system, to learn more about and take an active role in the American justice system, and to take pride in our nation's system of freedom for all under the law.

Many colleges and universities bring in high school students for a fullday workshop such as Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, Calif.and John Jay College in New York. The Idaho Bar Association is holding a podcast contest for high school students, and there are even 5K Law Day runs in places like Ventura, Calif.and Orange County, Fla. This year's Law Day theme is" Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom. " The Midland County Bar Foundation is also seeking Liberty Bell Award nominations and Law Day Essay Contest submissions.

The Liberty Bell Award recipient is honored at the Annual Law Day Luncheon and an annual St. Petersburg Foundation event.

All Liberty Bell Award recipients are also honored on a St. Petersburg Bar Foundation Liberty Bell monument appearing at Stetson University College of Law. At the luncheon, the winners of the essay and bumper sticker contest are recognized and a member of the community is honored with the Liberty Bell Award.

For more information on the Liberty Bell Award and past recipients, click here.

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